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“This book is such a great read because it reveals powerful, life-changing tools Kembala used when she was my financial coach. Kembala is the real deal! With her help, I stopped living paycheck to paycheck, eliminated over $20,000 in student loans, $10,000 in credit debt and raised my credit score to well over 700. What I received in coaching sessions, you can now have at your fingertips…”

CaliSwoosh, Amazon Book Review

“After college I had credit card and student loan debt. Kembala worked with me to lay out a plan of attack. With her motivation and help in looking at my debt more tactically – I did it! I paid off roughly $16,000 in not ten, but three years.”

Alphonso, Then new college graduate, now VP Sales and Marketing

“Kembala has a heart to help others. She provides sound, honest advice that puts you on the right course to clearing up your finances and follows up to ensure that you are staying on the new path to financial freedom. She is trustworthy and sincere. I have truly benefited from Kembala’s expertise and can proudly say that I cleared up my debt in record time.”

S.H., Teacher

“Money is a language, and Kembala is fluent! She brings an insight and expertise to financial matters that are second to none. She was a guest on my ESPN radio show in Honolulu, Hawaii where she provided my listeners with key advice on financial management and spoke on money topics including why a lot of professional athletes have gone broke and made the segment interesting! Kembala’s the one to help you gain money control and that, you can take straight to the bank.”

Jahmai Webster, ESPN Radio Host

One of the most valuable resources I have encountered since becoming involved with the financial literacy community is Kembala Evans. She is a multi-talented professional with broad experience in organizational development, technology, marketing and media relations. Her eloquence and passion for the cause of financial education make her an unusually effective speaker, host or moderator at public forums of any size and scope. Kembala has been a trusted colleague, advisor and friend whom I would recommend to any commercial or non-profit organization without reservation.

Brian Israel

Director and Former President, Illinois Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

“Kembala Evans came to speak to my members of B.I.G., an organization that focuses on support and empowerment of women in business. Lots of positive feedback was received from the audience on what a great job Kembala did on delivering her topic of “Your Money Matters.” Kembala has a down-to-earth style, and delivers financial information in a way that was easy for the participants to understand. And she delivers great value, as many members commented that they were ready to take lessons learned at the event and move forward to improve their financial lives. I highly recommend Kembala as a motivating financial speaker and coach to any group or organization who wants to enrich and educate their membership!” Patricia LaCroix

Owner, LaCroix Creative

“During a period in my life, I had about $10,000 in credit card debt, $24,000 student loans and a very poor credit score. I was behind on bills and my car got repossessed. I really needed help! Thankfully, I was able to work with Kembala to improve my finances and develop better money skills. Her genuine care for my well-being and the focus she displayed to help me achieve my goals was very impressive. Under Kembala’s guidance, my money habits improved dramatically. I eliminated ALL credit card debt, paid off ALL student loans, caught up on expenses and bought a new car (paid off early). I saw my credit score improve from 532 to over 800. I also bought a house in the process. It’s all because I worked with Kembala and wanted to make a change in my life.”


“Hi Kembala, I got your book after attending your workshop at Gail Borden Library in Elgin, IL. Your book has been very helpful in helping me organize my finances. Since the workshop, I’ve gotten a better job that pays a lot more than what I made before. What I made in a month on my old job, I now make every two weeks. I got your book before the increase, it helped change my mindset on money.”

Michele, Healthcare Worker

“Kembala Evans’ passion for helping people ‘get their money right’ is evident immediately upon meeting her. Her financial expertise and practical application has proven effective in coaching clients to financial success. If you are truly ready for a change in your money, you definitely want Kembala on your team!”

Dorethia Kelly, MBA President of Conner Financial Coaching and TheMoneyChat.com

“Since attending Kembala’s seminar, I’ve started saving over $1,000 a month. Kembala helped me to see all of the financial headaches I was actually “giving myself”, and how to liberate those wasted funds from the money pits that I was unwilling to recognize. Those funds now go to my two new, favorite, and much more beneficial causes of ‘Savings’ and ‘Investments’!”

James, Seminar Participant

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kembala and reading her blog for the past five years. Her sensible and practical money saving ideas have been so informative.

The three pillars of Junior Achievement are educating students about Financial Literacy, Work Readiness and Entrepreneurship. The classroom teachers really enjoy having Kembala as a JA volunteer. She has taught JA in elementary and Bilingual-Spanish speaking classrooms. Not only is Kembala a tremendous JA volunteer with giving of her time, she also supports JA financially.

Samantha Kim Morris

Sr. Operations Manager, Junior Achievement

Jump$tart is a national organization focusing on educating students on personal finance Pre-K to college. I have known Kembala for several years and she is passionate about financial literacy and interested in making sure students and adults are capable of developing a successful financial future. She has been a true leader in the IL Jump$tart Coalition helping to make it one of the best coalitions in the Jump$tart network. Kembala heads up technology and has done great work as a volunteer.

William "Bill" Cheeks

Eastern Regional Director | President, Jump$tart Coalition | ABBA Associates Inc.

“The financial coaching I received from Kembala has forever changed me and shifted the direction of my life. With coaching from Kembala, Kembala is honest and helps you to be honest. She is also very encouraging and positive. Because of her coaching style, I have faced my finances and my relationship with them. I am more focused to get out of debt than I have ever been. Kembala’s coaching has taught me to not just pay bills off but also consider the reasons that caused me to spend what I didn’t have. I really focus on need versus want and I consider saving to make purchases instead of using credit. Paying off debt gives me peace of mind that I didn’t have before regarding my finances. I am on my way to being debt free.”

C.C., Tax Administrator

“Kembala is an extremely knowledgeable individual. She is intelligent with an excellent business sense. She has the ability to create a customized plan to help you get and STAY out of debt. She is a great money manager and is very trustworthy. She is always willing to help others.”

L.B., Nurse

“Kembala Evans is a phenomenal financial consultant possessing the passion to help others succeed at managing their money. Her book “Get Your Money Right” is an informal step by step process on how get out of debt, increase your credit score and live a stress free financial life. I highly recommend her  as a financial expert  and encourage  others to read  her exciting book.”

Soulan Johnson, President of National Sales Network South Florida

“She makes me feel like I can do anything.”


Kembala Evans gets things done. She is on point and driven to excellence, which makes it so easy to work with her. Plus, she’s got such a winning personality it is a pleasure to do business together…A brilliant woman with a lot of energy and finesse. What a great combination!

Fawn Germer

Global Leadership Speaker and President, Women's Leadership Network

Kembala has made an outstanding contribution to the Economic Awareness Council through her volunteer work serving youth in low to moderate income communities with financial education. Kembala’s knowledge of financial topics is very strong and is matched by her enthusiasm for helping others and her commitment to providing financial education to all those in need in the community.

Tracy Frizzell

Executive Director, Economic Awareness Council

“I’ve become more focused and conscience of where my money is going, now that I know I have a better outlook in Life itself. I see myself growing in leaps and bounds in the areas of success of my Life Goals, I’M going forward and only forward.”

Once Again Thank YOU,

Janice S.

“The knowledge Kembala has imparted on us has been tremendously valuable. We use the information provided to this day, such as the FSA benefits for our kids’ care. More importantly, the step by step discussions and plan laid out not only made us accountable but it also ties in matters of the head and heart as it relates to money. This is not always an easy road to travel but necessary to achieve your financial success. We are far better off today for having had the opportunity to benefit from all of Kembala’s wide range of knowledge.”

Paula Boland, IT professional

“I had the pleasure to work with Kembala Evans at the Brand New Woman Conference. Kembala served as the financial consultant expert during this conference. She provided a phenomenal financial seminar to over 200 women and received raving feedback and reviews in this regard. It was indeed a privilege to work with Kembala, her professionalism, industry knowledge and profound speaking ability helped make the conference a tremendous success. I highly recommend Kembala Evans and hope to work with her again in the future.”

– Bev Ivey

“Kembala is bright, inspiring, and motivating. You can’t help but want to pursue your goals after listening to her speak.”

Sara T., Fall Financial Festival Participant